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While we may or may not have positions available, we are always accepting applications for hard-working, service-minded individuals. Positions that most commonly need filled include:  Lifeguards, Swim Lesson Instructors, Bistro Attendants and Kids Zone Attendants.

We also employ Personal Trainers with a four-year related degree, Member Service Representatives with sales/service experience and Certified Group Fitness/Aqua Instructors. Positions are not always announced, therefore we do recommend you submit an application to have on file when something does become available.

You may download an application here or pick one up at the Front Desk.  Please return completed applications in person to Spiece Fitness at 5310 Merchandise Drive, 46825.

Our club is a very special place. We believe that all Team Members can make a difference in the lives of EVERYONE who walks through our doors.  Potential Spiece Team Members should exemplify our "Do-Right Guideposts" and "Do-Right Be-Haviors."


Do-Right Guideposts:


Do What’s Right!  No matter the circumstances you face, we expect you to Do What Is Right.  It is a simple choice when deciding between doing what is right versus what is wrong.

Do Your Best!  No matter the circumstances you face, Do Your Best! It is a simple choice…. Giving nothing but all you have to give on any project or any service encounter is what you should do.

Treat others the way you’d want to be treated!  No matter what, treat others as you would like to be treated.  When faced with a difficult, frustrating, or sensitive situation, the choice is simple. Treat those involved as you would have them treat you.


Do-Right Be-haviors:


  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Humble
  • Be Honest
  • Be Loyal
  • Be of Service


With a few exceptions (such as Kids Kamp and Lifeguards) we do not have the need for summer-only or seasonal employees.  Spiece Fitness does not hire for Gym Rats, Inc. Visit www.gymratsbasketball.com for information on their business and employment opportunities.


Spiece Fitness is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

As a Spiece Fitness member, you have access to many ways to enhance your life through physical activity and to help you achieve optimal health. The indoor walking track, warm water therapy pool, and lap pool are wonderful to use year-round. Specific classes for seniors to improve strength, flexibility, stability, in a fun and social atmosphere. Of the many options available in our 70,000 sq. ft. the facility is our Aqua classes, Land Based fitness programs, specialized low impact classes have become the most popular among Spiece Med-Fit participants. Spiece also provides fee-based fitness training to enhance your workout experience. Spiece Fitness has been providing quality health and fitness services since 2003. Our unique facilities offer equipment and programs for every age and skill level. Our focus at Spiece is to provide a safe and caring environment for all people to proactively transform their lives through exercise. Members of Spiece enjoy one of the most credentialed and professionally staffed fitness trainers in the country. Along with the traditional features of a quality exercise center, Spiece also features:

  • Aquatic Programs & Warm Water Therapy Pool
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Complete Day Spa
  • Sports Performance/strength-speed-agility for all ages - Click here for more info
  • Personal Training
    • F.I.T. group-based training
    • Boot Camps
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Kids Zone
  • Day Care
  • Bistro
  • Summit Physical Therapy
  • Basketball & Volleyball Leagues
  • Senior Fitness & Wellness
  • Injury Prevention


Want to the Olympic Lifts?

Becky Levi was a National Champion and silver medalist in the World Championships. She has coached athletes at the State and National levels. Learn the lifts, supplementary lifts, and mobility to stay injury free!
Contact Becky at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Becky Levi has worked in the Sport/Fitness Industry for over 20 years. Becky received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in 1986. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and level 1 Sport Performance Certified (USAW). Becky spent many years competing as an elite level athlete in a number of sports including Track and Field, Olympic Style Weightlifting, Judo, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. Becky was an Olympic alternate in the discus in 1988 and 1992 and was a silver medalist in the first Women’s World Weightlifting Championships. Becky also has spent many years training and coaching both amateur and professional athletes. Becky possesses a very strong injury rehabilitation background as well. Becky is a former high school teacher and has been involved in coaching volleyball, football, wrestling, and track and field. She is the Director of Performance and Sports Performance. 

Becky Weekly Training Tip


Our program is available year-round and allows athletes to begin at any time. All sessions are focused on injury prevention, mastery of proper exercise technique, development of explosive power, speed, jumping ability, and the development of efficient movement patterns.

Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Held on Monday and Wednesday and is a combination of speed, agility, plyometrics, core and strength training. As an athlete builds a general strength foundation an individual program will be developed for each athlete. These sessions also include post-rehabilitation of any orthopedic injuries/surgeries. All of our training is focused on the prevention of injuries. Thus, Athletes will be involved in various rehab exercises that will help with muscular imbalances they may have. These classes are 1 hour in length.

Speed and Agility Sessions

Held on Tuesday and Thursday and focus on speed, agility, and plyometric. These classes are 1 hour in length.

Some reasons why you should choose us:

1. All athletes will be evaluated and tested for power, quickness, and vertical jump height using computerized jump mats.
2. We have a small ratio of trainer to athletes - 6 to 7 athletes per trainer.
3. Becky Levi is a former collegiate athlete and has established a sports training program that is unparalleled in this area. They also hold multiple certifications for athlete training.

Fall / Winter / Spring Hours:




*Some Fridays are closed


*Summer Hours: 




*summer hours coincide with FWCS Summer break


Our Sports Performance Session have groups focusing on post-rehab and preparation for their sport after surgery. This is a very important piece for many athletes/parents. An area that differentiates us forms other programs. (Very important to communicate). If these athletes, or any, call in, refer them to Becky or feel free to tell them to come in and see for their self.

Don’t waste your off-season preparation time

The offseason is an important time in the athlete’s calendar. For some, it may serve as a time to rehabilitate from injuries or aches and pains that plagued them through the competitive season. While for others, it may be a time to develop their strength, power and work capacity so that they can come back next season better than ever. The offseason is the time to get your body prepared for the next season. Improvements in technique, strength, power, jumping ability, and agility begin then. Using the offseason as an opportunity to improve your abilities and work on your limitations is crucial. For college-bound athletes, it is a time to get prepared for your college sports career, learn the things you will need to learn for college sports and prepare your body for the rigors of the next level. For high school athletes, it is just as important to develop your work ethic and develop your athleticism through strength and conditioning training. Spiece Performance trains and prepares athletes year-round. Our program is a combination of strength, power development, speed, agility, and plyometrics. We also involve assessments of athletes and through those results provide an individual program designed to fit their needs.

Becky Levi - Click for Bio
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
A faith that can't be tested, can't be trusted.

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