Treat yourself to a relaxing break in our cedar dry heat saunas.  Located in each locker room.

  • Men’s sauna is kept between 175-180 degrees
  • Women’s sauna is kept between 160-165 degrees

Sauna Etiquette

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Shower first to remove body odors, bacteria, and sweat
  • Bring towels so that your sweat never drips on the wood
  • Cover up with a swim suit or towel (this is not a “clothing optional” sauna)
  • Enter and exit quickly, close door tightly behind you
  • Speak softly; members come here to relax
  • Treat the room and everyone in it with respect
  • Limit your session to 15 minutes. Get out if you feel weak or faint.


  • Tamper with temperature in any way (membership will be revoked)
  • Wear shoes or sweaty clothes
  • Bring your electronic device
  • Work out – the sauna is a place to relax only
  • Shave or groom
  • Have loud or lengthy conversations
  • Stay longer than 15 minutes at a time

Above all, remember you are in a public place.
Thank you for your cooperation!